Guggul (Commiphora mukul) • Guggul (Commiphora mukul) is one of the most important healing medicines in Ayurveda…. There are more than 20 important compounds that have guggul as the principal ingredient.
Nine Antioxidants found in Food • Nine Antioxidants found in Food
Ayurvedic Subtle Body therapy productsIn the past, Ayurvedic Subtle Body therapy products have been only available to our students and patients.
Ayurvedic Understanding of major symptoms of ADHDADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Ayurvedic Understanding of ADHD
Principles of management
Treatment options

Karma & Emptiness in the Yoga Sutra (Traducción al español)
Extractos de
Karma y vacío en el Yoga Sutra - Gueshe Michael Roach

Traducción de Elsa Sola

Karma & Emptiness in the Yoga Sutra

Exerpts from  Karma & Emptiness in the Yoga Sutra – Geshe Michael Roach


Bhasmas (Calcined powder of metals, minerals, gems etc.) are powerful medicines  procuced by Rasa Shastra (Ayurvedic Alchemy)

An introduction to understanding the science of Prana Tejas and Ojas
An introduction to understanding the science of Prana Tejas and Ojas

A small extract from VAJRA SATVA SAMITA, A guide to detoxifying the subtle body.

–an unpublished book by Randy Rasmusson  

Psychosomatic disease (Ubhayatmaka)

Ayurvedic understanding and treatment of psychosomatic disease (Ubhayatmaka ) by Randy Rasmusson

The Satvic DietThe satvic or Yogic diet is the most pure of all diets
Medical Mantras •     Medical Mantras
- from  Ayurveda Saukhyam of Todaranada, Ch.4

Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease in Ayurveda.

Viadya  Bhagwan Dash  &  Lalitesh Kashyap

The Three Great Authors of Ayurveda

Spanish Translation

Selection of a Medical Teacher In Ayurveda students and teachers should be of special nature as may be conductive to the study and practice of Ayurvedic Medicine. (From Fundamentals of Ayurveda by Bagwan Dash)

Overview of Jyotisa or Vedic Astrology • A brief look at Vedic Astrology by Randy Rasmusson

Pancha Karma Orientation Form • For persons who want to receive Pancha karma detoxification this document will explain what you can expect to happen and what will be expected of you to successfully participate in this procedure.

Chitta Nadi, the Mind or Consciousness Channel
Heart-mind in ayurveda.  (Yoga and Ayurveda, David Frawley, Lotus Press).

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