Bacopia and Ayurvedic memory aids



BCOPIA (Brahmi) & Ayurvedic Memory aids:

            It is commonly said in Ayurvedic literature that Brahmi (Bacopia Monnieri) improves memory.  There has been extensive research projects to verify this in the last ten years. It is interesting that ancient wisdom is not accepted in the western world until contemporary science explains “how it works”.  So now that we can believe that it is true that Brahmi improves memory, the rush is on to find quality Brahmi at a cheep price.

Websites are dedicated to Brahmi (Bacopia is the preferred name) with lots of information and offers for direct sales.  Almost all sites claim to have the best quality…

So where does commercialism and health care find common ground?  When is advertising hype appropriate? And most importantly how does Ayurveda benefit the most people?

            Memory aids are becoming more and more popular because our lifestyles are more and more stressful and Rajasic. The more distraction and stimuli we must process… the easier it is to overlook important details in our lives.  The answer from the Ayurvedic point of view is SATVA (that quality of the mind that gives light and wisdom). Brahmi is a satvic herb and it helps clarify our lives. Satvic diet is extremely important for having a good memory.  There is a famous formula of Satvic herbs called Sarswatti Churna that includes Brahma that is specific for restoring memory. It can be used even for amnesia, Alzheimer’s dementia, and coma. 

            I have been asked many times for herbal formulas for students who must memorize vast amounts of data for college entrance examinations. Normally these formulas are designed to balance the mental doshas (Prana, Tejas and Ojas) of the person, while stimulating synaptic activity in the brain and improving udana vayu (the energy of the memory) of the person.  Obviously each formula is different per person but many common elements are used.  Sarswatti Churna and extra Brahmi (Bacopia) as well as other herbs are the basis of these formulas.  Eventually I have developed a “Tri-doshic formula that helps improve memory.  I call this formula “Sarswatti Plus” ….

            I have also had to word many times with memory loss in older persons. I cared for my mother who had Multi Infarct Dementia for eight years and memory loss was a charteristic symptom. In these cases circulatory stimulation is necessary in the brain and this is achieved with the use of Ginkgo Biloba, a carotid artery vasodilator.  I developed a formula similar to Sarswatti Plus with additional Ginkgo Biloba that I call “Sarswatti Gold”.  

            I have made special purchases of these herbs and can now make these formulas available to students of the Ayurvedic Institute of Brasil and the public in general at promotional prices while supplies last. 

            Please Remember that memory improvement also requires balancing your doshas and Prana Tejas and Ojas.

These prices are in effect while supplies last.


Bacopia (Brahmi)

                               60 cápsulas – 425mg /  cápsula  -  R$50,00                               

                              120 cápsulas – 425mg /  cápsula   -   R$  100,00   

Para a faculdade vestibular...(help when you need to memorize lots of data.)   

Sarswatti Plus      60 cápsulas – 475mg /  cápsula   -   R$  65,00                                

                              120 cápsulas – 475mg /  cápsula   -   R$ 125,00    

Por pessoas idosas:   (For age related memory problems)

Sarswatti  Gold   60 cápsulas – 500mg /  cápsula   -   R$  65,00                                                              120 cápsulas – 500mg /  cápsula   -   R$ 125,00    


If you are not a student of the Ayurvedic Institute of Brasil you may want to call or email us to determine the correct dose for your body weight, lifestyle, and memory problems. You can contact us at or call 51-9965-1959

Se você não é estudante do Institute Ayurvedic of Brasil você deve nos contatar pelo e mail ou telefone, ou a um estudante que você conheca para podermos indicar a dose correta a ser administrada em seu caso. Para português e inglês contate com  que assim poderemos ajudá-lo no seu caso. 51-9965-1959


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