Videos are now on Youtube and google+


     We are very happy to present videos, mp3 recordings of class modules, and online teachings on Youtube here. Also we have a page on Google+ with much of the same available.

     In the future you will be able to connect to the Ayurvedic Institute of Brasil directly for questions and answers relating to your studies of Ayurveda. We hope to be able to give guidance to persons with health questions who are searching for help online... our Youtube channel is AyurvedaBRcom


     You can find us on Youtube at this link


     You can find us on Google+ at this link


     We have encrypted some videos and recordings to be seen and /or heard only by students... If you have missed a module or lost your recording of the module you attended, you can email and you will be given a link code to be able to download or listen to the mp3 recording of the module.


     If you are interested in becoming a student of the ayurvedic Institute of Brasil you can request a link about the qualities of students that we are looking for... Some training is available to the general public and all are welcome... Advanced clinical training requires passing an entrance examination. All are welcome to apply for advanced clinical training.  Persons who are well motivated, sincere and qualified can receive scholarships and reduced fees for all levels of training... please request the links for encrypted videos.


     Patients of students and other Ayurvedic practioners can access videos to support their treatment and therapy by joining us on Google+ and requesting to be included in the patients circle.

     We will also establish Google+ "hangouts" that will allow live video conferencing seminars for students, patients, families and caregivers of people with serious chronic or life threatening illnesses.


     It is our sincere hope that these improvements in communication technology will enable all those who are suffering to find relief and definitive cure.  We also hope that those working to relieve the suffering of others or those who aspire to this will be more effective and successful in their pursuits.

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The Ayurvedic Institute of Brasil
Tel: 51 99836.1663

Rua Montinelle, 46, Lomba De Pinkiero
Viamao RS
Brasil 94400-000

May all beings benefit! - Possam todos os seres se beneficiar!