Medicine Buddha Floral Essences and Gem Elixers

Floral Essences and Gem Elixers


            Essences are specially prepared on auspicious days from Flowers and Gem Stones. The Floral essences are more used to relieve stress in the consciousness or emotions. These vibrational remedies are helpful and fast acting when prescribed correctly. Essences of Gem stones are for working with the cellular memory and karmas(samskaras and vasanas) that have accumulated in the body. Certain  essences have captured special environmental energies. The Students of the Ayurvedic Institute of Brasil are familiar with their application and creation.  Some of the Gem Stone elixirs can substitute for Bhsams that are not available outside of India. All are packaged in 20ml bottles except for formulas that are used in Pancha Karma. Consult with your Ayurvedic Therapist or contact Andreia for information
       Below is a list of Essences that students of the Course are trained to use...Application of these remedies is part of the course. The cost is R$ 10.00 per 20ml bottle. All are stock.

                   Medicine Buddha Essences

Full Moon of the Medicine Buddha  (Medicine Buddha Essence I)





          Green obsidian

          Mangano Calite

          Rutilated Quartz

          Moonstone  and Quartz Crystal

          Pearl I

          Pearl II

          5000 Prostrations

Full Moon of the Medicine Buddha II



          Heart mix

Full Moon of the Medicine Buddha III

          2002                     Onyx   with  rose

          Emerald Man



          Blue Jasper

          Crystal Ball

          Rose Quartz


          Skull Cup


          Apituta with rose

          Ajna  Left and right

Full Moon of the Medicine Buddha IV



          Jaspar Ball

          Green Volcanic Glass

          Mangano Calcite Ball

          Azurite with Malichite

          Rutilated Quartz Ball

          Yellow Calcite

          Amber with insect

          Amethist Ball

          Smoky Quartz Ball

Full moon of the Medicine V

2004   (Eclipse)     

          7 Mani Pills

          Dutzi of Tulul Jigme Rimpoche

          Rubi with Mani Pills

          Imperial Topaz

Sega Dawa Fire Puja Essences        2004          

          Black Tormoline

          White Quartz

          Crystal Ship

          Katak Dutzi

Sega Dawa Fire Puja

Wish Fufilling Jewel (Smoky Quartz)

Blue Tourmaline

Other essences

          Eye of Shiva

          Furry  (Century Plant)         

                   First Huricane in Brasil

          Pink Cascade Flower

                   (Premination of Rimpoche”Death)

          Small yellow Orchid

          10 Bhumi Fire Puja     

Made in other  Locations in Brasil

          Waterfall park in Sao Francisco, Brasil  

                   Environmantal essence



          Other Locations-- Beach       






New Essences


                   Maha Siddha

                   Pink Tea Flower



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