Medicated Ghees (Grita)

  Medicated Ghees (Grita)

            Medicated Ghees are generally taken internally to help the herbs to penetrate the deeper dhatus.  They are also useful as rasayanas (rejuvenators) and tonics. Ghees become stronger with time and are excellent ways to preserve the healing properties of herbs. Medicated Ghees are often added to the almond drink when re-building ojas and the immune system. Triphala ghee is especially useful  for the eyes. Most of our herbs can be special ordered as Medicated Ghees, contact Andreia for details.



Shilajit Ghee                             Asphaltum               Tri-Doshic                  20.00/60ml

Shatavari Ghee                Asparagus racemosus    —V, P.+K                  60.00/250ml

Triphala Ghee (aged 3 years)                                  Tri-Doshic                  30.00/60/ml

Arjuna Ghee                           Terrnrnalia arjua      Tri-Doshic                  35.00/60ml

Vacha (Calanus Ghee)          Acornus calamus       --V, K, +P                   20.00/60ml

Jwanti Ghee                          Symplocos racemosa Tri-Doshic                  20.00/60ml

Ashwaganda Ghee                Withania somnifera   —V, K, +P             60.00/250ml

Kapikatchu Ghee                  Mucuna pruriens       —V ,+P,K                  30.00/60ml

Bala Ghee                               Sida cordifolia          —V. P. ‘++K              35.00/60ml

Kum kum (saffron) Ghee      Crocus sativus           Tri-Doshic                  45.00/60ml

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