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Pancha karma (PK) is the most complete detoxification possible offered in Ayurveda.  It consists of therapies to remove physical toxins, toxic energies, toxic emotions and spiritual toxins (karma) that are stored in your physical and subtle bodies. This process will be more effective if you follow the guidelines presented here.      The diet during pancha karma is designed to function as a sponge for the toxins.  You must not deviate from the diet if at all possible.  It consists of a food called Kitchere, which you will be, instructed how to prepare.  The Spices in Kitchere will be specific for YOU and your PK program.  No meat or fish is permitted during PK.  Also no alcohol or drugs.  If you are taking medication please inform me or your PK supervisor.  Of course no cigarettes ore permitted. It is contraindicated for a cigarette smoker to undergo PK detoxification as it could drive the cigarette toxins deeper into the body.  If you have recently quit smoking your options will be discussed with you.

Pancha Karma is a powerful detoxification so it is best if you do not work or use computers or television during the period of the treatment.  This time is usually a minimum of 10 days, although it can be longer depending on your condition or the extent of detoxification you are experiencing.  It is best if you can devote this time to self-study, reflection, spiritual practice, meditation, or your own healing process.  Try to encourage the support of your family in this process. If you must work then a special PK detoxification program need to be designed to fit your needs    Pancha karma consists or three phases:  1) Purva Karma or preparation phase.  2) Pancha karma treatment phase which has five parts   and 3) Rasayana (rejuvenation) phase.Purva karma takes place for about month before the PK treatments. In Purva Karma we will prepare your digestive system and skin to functions as tools for your detoxification…  It basically consists of you eating Kitchere, making self-massage with special medicated oil that is designed for your PK program and eating Ghee and Medicated Ghee in increasing amounts to liquefy the doashas and toxins in you….  Then there is a Steam treatment that you will perform to liberate the toxins form your skin and the system of sweating.  You will be provided with herbs to use to increase the effectiveness of this procedure… This can be done in any wet sauna such as a nearby hotel or in your own home if you have the appropriate equipment.  During this time of Purva karma preparation you will use medicated nose drops to clear the toxins from your head and also make self-massage.  If you prefer to have another person massage you this can be arranged with a proper orientation for the other person…of course these expenses are additional.

The second phase is the Pancha karma therapies… You will continue with the diet and the use of nasal drops.  The massage will now be performed by Ayurvedicly trained massage therapists.  These massages will also be with medicated oils but with the addition of specific essential oils for your program.  The massages will concentrate on specific Marma Points to release the toxins form the deeper tissues and subtle bodies into your digestive system and lymphatic system for elimination.  You will normally receive one massage per day during this period.  This is the art and skill of making Pancha karma--- to lead the toxins back to the sites of origin for elimination…During this time it is important that you rest and concentrate on your healing process.  Meditation is very beneficial for detoxifying the mind at this time…You can expect to be having significant dreams during Pancha Karma and the communication between your subtle bodies and physical body is improved and the channels are cleared. 

The Procedure called Vamina or therapeutic vomiting is the first major step in your PK detoxification.  Here Kapha and mucus will be removed as well as toxic emotions stored in your body…. Vamina takes place in the morning and you absolutely must rest (lay down) after for at least 4 hours. You will have significant memories as the events of your life that have been stored in your body pass through your mind due to their elimination…this is an important opportunity to gain wisdom for what you have been teaching yourself in life.  

Between each procedure in PK you will be instructed how to next proceed with the intake of medicated ghee and massage therapies. After you are ready the next procedure is Verichana or purgation…this will remove excess and toxic Pitta and the emotions associated with heat.  You will be given an herbal decoction to drink before you go to bed and in the morning you will need to stay near the bathroom for a few hours…  This is the easiest part of Pancha Karma…

After again being prepared with diet, massage therapy and oliation      (eating medicated ghee), you will be ready to deal with the toxic Vata that is the source of most of your physical, emotional and mental suffering.  Toxic Vata is the energy that drives the toxins deeper into our systems and leads to most of our problems be they be physical, emotional, energy, spiritual (Karmic), or psychic.  To eliminate Vata can take from 5 to 15 days minimum.  It is done by Basti or therapeutic enemas with medicated oils and herbal decoctions.  YOU will receive the first and possible (time permitting) second of these enemas… You will be taught how to administer them for yourself at home and you will be given the materials for the procedures…

Normally when people come here we accomplish the Pancha Karma procedures in 10 days. If we are doing PK in your city we will organize the program to suit the needs of the patients.  

After the last enema your will begin a 4 day period of returning to your normal diet and metabolism… All the products you need for this will be provided before you return home… This is the time when it is appropriate to return to work or your regular life style…it is also when you will begin the third phase of Rasayana or rejuvenation…. This will include you taking some special herbal products that will restore, reinvigorate, and rejuvenate your body and mind.  After a month of this there will be a last follow up consultation with me.  We will talk about your situation be it a chronic illness or your spiritual path.  Pancha Karma detoxification usually has the reaction that it changes peoples lives and we discuss where to go from here and how to maintain and promote your health AND longevity.  Most people also lose some weight during PK as the toxins that are eliminated have been weighing you down both figuratively and literally…. How much weight one loses depends on the person and their needs.  

About the cost and payment for the procedures.

Because the Real and Dollar are so unstable over the last several years it is difficult to give an accurate estimate as to the cost of Pancha Karma. I only charge the cost of the materials I need to use and my expenses but that can vary from person to person. And 80 to 90% of the material is made from imported products that must be paid in dollars. Also Pancha Karma here in the western world is a minimum of 10 days but depending on the need of the individual it can be 15 or 21 days... This of course implies more expense. The best thing to do is to make a diagnosis and then I can give an accurate estimate as to the cost of the Pancha Karma  

Now take a few minutes and please organize your thoughts about what your detoxification goals are…Include your honest opinion about how well you think you will be able to participate in your healing program… please note that to begin Pancha Karma and to quit for any reason can only cause problems as the toxins get stirred up inside you but not eliminated and the will find a new location to create new problems.  
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