Nine Antioxidants found in Food

Nine Antioxidants found in Food
Anthocyanidins Found in all berries and grapes, most concentration
found in the skin
Beta-carotene Found in all yellowish-orange fruits and vegetables
such as peaches, apricots, squash, pumpkin and
Bioflavonoids Found in all citrus fruits, most concentration is found
in the white rind, also found in buckwheat, onions
and garlic
Curcumin Found in yellowish-orange colored spices such as
turmeric and mustard and some yellow foods like
corn-on-the cob and yellow peppers
Lutein Found in the carotene family and other dark-green
vegetables such as spinach
Lycopene Found in tomatoes
Proanthocyanidins Found in green tea and grape seeds
Pycnogenal Found in a large variety of fresh fruits and
vegetables, most concentration found in Pinus
maritma, a coast pine tree
Zeanzanthin Found in most of the brassica or cabbage family
and also spinach, peas and corn-on-the cob

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