Ayurvedic Subtle Body therapy products

                              Ayurvedic Subtle Body therapy products


            In the past, Ayurvedic Subtle Body therapy products have been only available to our students and patients.  This is because these precious items are most useful when correct orientation is given for their use. These have included special and rare Essential oils used on marma points and in pancha Karma. Also Mother tinctures of floral essences and Gem elixirs.

Because there are now more people practicing Ayurvedic therapy in Brasil and receiving Ayurvedic therapy we would like to facilitate this process and it is our sincere wish to improve the growth of this.  

The Essential oils that we are making available are the best quality that we have been able to find in the world.  They are absolutely pure and none of them have been diluted. 

The Mother tinctures have been produced by us using traditional Ayurvedic and Tibetan rituals at auspicious moments. Some are extremely rare and powerful when used correctly. Details of the origins of each are available on request…

The following essential oils are available and the prices quoted are per ml. according to current costs. These prices are available if you send an email with your training information (your teacher/ guru… date of the completion of your training…).  If you are receiving ayurvedic therapy please send the name and contact information of your ayurvedic therapist…

Rose Absolute               Jasmine Absolute 

Clary Sage                     Rama Tulsi

Sandalwood                    Jatamansi


The following Mother tinctures are available in 7 ml bottles.  Those of you trained by the Ayurvedic Institute of Brasil know how to correctly dilute these for your clients, or which marmas to use just one drop in Pancha Karma… the mother tinctures are sold in kits of 5 tinctures.  Each kit is  R$ 200,00. The following Mother tinctures are available…  Specific Mother Tinctures can be included upon request… A complete kit of all 33 Mother Tintures cost R$ 1500,00.

Ketu                               Mangano Calcite            Eye of Shiva                 

7 Mani Pills                   Onyx with rose               Liver

Floride                           Insulina                          Green Volcanic Glass

Maha Siddha                 Rutulated quartz            Katak Dutzi

Ruby                              Diamond                        Smoky Quartz

Crystal Ship                   Skull Cup                      Wish-fulfilling Jewel

10 Buhmi Fire-Puja       Prana                             Amethyst w/Rose

Imperial Topaz              Purple Brain Tourmaline         Black Tourmaline

White Nadi                    Central Channel             Red Nadi

Bird of Paradise             Yellow Calcite               Heart Essence

Aloe Vera                      Orzer Chanma               Alegreia





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