Ayurvedic Understanding of major symptoms of ADHD


                      Development of Mental Disorders

                                      Imbalance of the Mind


A. Labhascha  anishtasya                          B. Alabhascha  ishtasya

     (Getting undesired)                                (Not getting desired)     

                   !                                                               !

                   !                                                               !

                   !                                                               !

Dvesha        (Hatred)                                          Iccha –Desire

Vishada (depression)                                         Malsarya –Envy

Dainya (miserable state)                                      Lobha – Greed

Krodya (anger)                                         


          !                                                              !

          !                                                              !

Depression                                                 Anxiety

           ADHD ----------------- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder                

 Behavioral disorders can be explained on the basis of behavioral traits

       (Manas Pakriti)

 ** See Pulse II diagnosis of Manas Pakriti **1

 Etiopathogenisis ----- Etiological factors

 The supplementary and balanced functions of pure, active and inert

(Satva, Rajas and Tamas) parts of the mind are affected

**See Understanding Moolapakriti and Pancha Mahabhutas**2

Disturbed functions of the mind

 Wrong interpretation by intellect (Ayaharna Jnana)....leads to...

 Wrong action by motor facilities (Karmendriya)... leads to...

 Behavioral disorder   (ADHD) 

 Symptomology ---Rupa

 Ayurvedic Understanding… of major symptoms of ADHD

 Hyperactivity and impulsitivity -----

Abnormal activities…. (Vikrut Viharshila)

Fickle minded**3…(Ana vasthitatva)


Fickle minded**4…. (Ana vasthitatva)

Mental inertia….(Amedhas)

Ayurvedic interpretation of major symptoms of ADHD

Hyperactivity – Rajas (Pitta)

Impulsivity    –  Rajas (Vata)

Inattention    – Tamas (Kapha)

Process of Learning in ADHD

           An object



Cognitive (sensory) organs & mind functions are disturbed

          ...this leads to reduction of..

 (Buddhi)----Retention – Memory-- perception 

...this results in....

Wrong interpretation by intellect     

...increases confusion in the...        


           ...which loses control of

Cognitive (motor) organs

         ... that now dysfunction  and  impel...

Wrong action by motor facilities

         ...that is now seen as...

Hyperactivity, Impulsivity, Inattention, and Learning difficulties

          ... That is named ADHD...

          ...Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder...**5

Principles of management  and  Treatment options

 1.)     Establishing Emotional equilibrium

          Floral essences --- short term symptomatic emotional relief

                    Alegreia,  Bird of Paradise,  Insulina, Tulsi Flower

          Gem elixirs --- short term subtle body detoxification

                    Medicine Buddha,  Ketu,  Rutulated Quartz

2.)       Diet modification

                    Reduce TAMASIC  items as much as possible...

                   White Sugar, processed foods containing white sugar and

                   excess salt and msg, 

                   Fast food etc... and of course, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs

                   Increase Natural food, no pesticides or proper cleaning of commercial

                   fruit and vegetables

                   Mineral supplements...especially trace minerals

1.) For Hyperactivity and impulsivity –Treatment to alleviate Pitta and Vata

Treatment with herbs with cold viria


2.) For inattention                                 --- Treatment to alleviate Kapha      

                                                   --- Treatment with herbs with hot viria


Pancha Karma is indicated for Children past puberty and for most Adults

(Ideally these procedures are preformed by the mother or with the mother present)

Palliation is indicated for children before puberty (This can be done in home)

Rejuvenation with Neo-tropic herbs and Psycho-tropic herbs (These are called intellect promoting herbs) ----Medhya Rasayana


                           Herbs with cold viria  

Sweet, Cold, Bitter, soft, unctuous

Shank Puspi         Canscora decussaza                 Tri-doshic

Mandakpari            Centillia Asiatia                     -V, - P  +  K

Brahmi                  Bacopa monnera                     Tri-Doshic

Jatamansi                Nardostachys jatamansi           —V,K, +P

Shatavari                 Asparagus racemosus              —V, P.+K 

Yasti madhu            Glvcvrrhiza glabra                 —V. P. ++K        

Skullcap                   Scutellaria lateriflora               ---PK, +V (ex)

Sarswatti Churna      Combination of herbs           Tri- doshic


                              Herbs with hot viria

Antidepressants—Hot, Bitter, Stimulant, Irritant


Vacha (Calamus oil)             Acornus calamus             --V, K, +P  

Hirüaki                           Tenninalia chebula           --V, K,+P   

Tagar— *                        Valerian wallichi            --V, K. +P (ex)

Ashwaganda                    Withania somnifera         ---V, K, +P       

Kushtha                         Saussuria lappa

Aparajitta                      Clitoria tereneta

Jyotishmati                    Celastarus panniculata

 *--because of its`s tamasic nature small dosages are indicated and short term usage...Jatamansi is satvic and more useful

Mineral Supplements     Colloidal Minerals or other liquid minerals containing trace minerals especially chromium, vanadium


Hair testing for patients when pulse diagnosis is not an option

Liver de stagnation with arogya vardhani when needed…

Emotional detoxification

1** Module 8 of Course of Ayurvedic Clinical Practice

2** From Vajra Satva Samita--

3** The oxford dictionary defines fickel as~changable, especially with regard to ones loyalties~ from the old english FICOL--decietful.

4** This shows the increase in Tamasic thinking (confusion)

5** On the subtle level the key word is attention!!! The person is acting out their need for satvic attention...(Love, understanding, compassion and satisfaction)



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