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                            LOONG POE Agar-31 Healing Incense


             In the Himalayas the distances between communities are vast and there is very little infrastructure as we know it here in the west. My friends were traveling in Tibet in 1997 by truck that they rented in Chang du China and had to also rent another truck to carry the gasoline for the journey as there are no Gas Stations in the mountains… You can imagine that the medical situation there is equally primitive (from our point of view).  The Tibetans, Bhutanese, Nepalese as well as the Indian populations of Ladak and Kashmir have managed this problem for centuries. Travel was by foot or horse or yak. They have used a form of Ayurveda as their basic medical system for thousands of years. But there are not always the same plants in each location and of course no pharmacies…. So what did they do???

             Traveling healers (doctors) were often Lamas or Priests and could not carry too much in the way of remedies over these mountain paths from village to town.  The medical tantras developed small forms of powerful medicines that could be carried easily and preserved to be used when needed… These took the form of rolled sticks of herbs and minerals that could be burned as incense or crushed and taken internally or mixed with oil and used topically…. These incense stick are not like the common ones we know from India. They have no piece of bamboo inside them to secure them in a holder while burning. They are pure healing herbs rolled by hand and tied into bundles.  The Tibetan incense sticks as they are know here in the west are normally used in puja ceremonies and rituals and as such are not really medicinal.  Still the same technology was used to preserve and transport Tibetan (Ayurvedic) medicines…. They are called HEALING INCENCE.

They have rarely been available outside of the Himalayas countries because that is where they are needed and used.  My guru Chagdud Tukul Rimpoche had a healing incense formula that he had manufactured in Nepal for him that used to be available in Khadro Ling in Tres Coroas…Sadly this has not been made or been available for some years.

I learned some of the methods of Incense making directly from him when he asked me to acquire powdered herbs here in Brasil to make incense…. We used it in mixed powder forms as is also the custom is some parts of Tibet.  I value these teaching that I received from him highly. 


           Through long searching and good fortune my friend Lal Bahadur Tamang (Karma) who lived and worked at Khadro ling for five years has found for us at the Ayurvedic Institute of Brasil a source for the traditional (LOONG POE), HEALING INCENCE AGAR-31 of the medical tantras….This incense is really a form of packaged medicinal herbs and minerals…The healing incense can be used in four ways.

1)        Burned as incense and inhaled like you would aroma therapy products.

Take a stick and light it and inhale directly 5 or 10 times and then let it burn as incense to burn to allow the healing smoke to permeate the environment.

2.)      Crush one stick into powder and mix with 15ml of oil (appropriate for your dosha or condition) and then heat until well mixed. Let it cool and apply it topically like medicated massage oil.

3.)    Crush one stick and mix with ghee and heat as with the oil.  Small amounts of the medicated ghee can also be used topically or internally…

 4.)    It is an especially auspicious incense to be burned as an offering in spiritual ceremonies and rituals (pujas).


          This natural medicine from the Himalayas is indicated for the following conditions:

For excess vata: Insomnia, dryness of the mouth, dizziness, tension, hearing problems, all forms of mental stress, flatulence and pain (especially for pregnant mothers).  In meditation it aids in reducing restlessness and distraction, it improves concentration, focus. And equilibrium. For excess Pitta: It improves patience and lowers irritation and dissatisfaction, as well as burning in the eyes and excessive sweating. For excess Kapha: It reduces lethargy and sleepiness...

           Ayurvedic Massage therapists who are familiar with the marvelous effects of Mahanarayan oil of pain and excess vata will find this an acceptable substitute when mixed with sesame oil. (Mahanarayan oil is not always available). When mixed with Brahmi oil it is excellent for Pitta massage. When Mixed with Mustard oil and Calamus oil it has good results for Kapha joint stiffness due to cold.

           Those of you who practice Yoga and pranayama will also benefit from these herbs as they will help open the Nadis (channels) of the mind.

The ingredients in the LOONG POE AGAR -31   (HEALING INCENCE) include: three kinds of Black Aloe Wood (the most precious and costly natural healing plant material in the world).  Various herbal flowers from the Himalayas such as jasmine and rhododendron and magnolia, Saffron, Red and White sandalwood, Cloves and wild ginger.


We have a limited supply of this HEALING INCENCE. It is bundled in packs of 24 sticks that are 16 cm long.  The weight of one bundle is 37gms…


Each bundle   (24 STICKS) is R$ 17,50                                                                                        A Box with two bundles (48 STIDCKS) (75gms) is R$ 30, 00

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