Ayurveda ,Yoga, Karma ,and Pancha Karma


Ayurveda ,Yoga, Karma ,and  Pancha Karma


          For  those of you who can understand English and want to truly come to understand the meaning of the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali,  There is available  a site called Diamond mountain.org….   http://diamondmountain.org/downloads/

Look for :  Karma & Emptiness in the Yoga Sutras

          You can find audio downloads of teaching of the Yoga Sutras word by word with interpretation of the Sanskrit roots and the Tibetan and English derivations of the meaning of these words of wisdom. Those of you unfamiliar with Tibetan Buddhist traditions will need to filter parts of the downloads to get to the source material. These teachings can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format also. You can use the  Google Translator http://translate.google.com/translate_t?hl=es#   to convert to either Portugese or Spanish… I know it may not be perfect but it is a very good start for those of you who really want to practice more than “Flow and Glow” Yoga.

           Here in the western world, it is a common misconception that Yoga is only a Hindu  practice.  Yoga  is older than the written Vedas and older than India for that matter. Because of the generosity of H.H. Dalhi Lama and the Tibetans in general, the most ancient teachings that were preserved in Tibet have become available to us in the western world… this is not to discredit Indian Hindu lineages of Yoga in any way. Good articles and information about Tantra can be found at the site of…Shri Parmanand Research Institute Srinagar, Kashmir…   www.koausa.org/Glimpses/index.html    And real yoga practice in India is available to understand at… www.rampuri.com  .

          What I’m saying is that accessibility has been improved for us in the west by the activities of the Tibetan yoga /meditation masters since the Chinese invasion of Tibet.  Of course, this conduct is not humane on the part of the Chinese toward the Tibetan people  but “ the silver lining in every cloud”  may be the side effect of  us being able to receive these teachings that were not available before.

          Then , of course, what is the purpose of  Yoga and Ayurveda?  They were passed to us from the Original Yogis who used them to extend their longevity so they could continue to do just one thing…Purify (Detoxify) their KARMA... Keep practicing. That is what it is all about!     Anyone who wants to incorporate the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga into their lives in the west must understand two things. First how to manage the stress of their lives to find & /or make time and space to practice …yoga, meditation and Ayurveda.  Second How to find the real essence of this wisdom. 

          Ayurveda and especially the detoxification techniques like Pancha Karma can make the first much easier because there will be less obstacles (stressors) to practice.  The second is usually accomplished by increasing Satva in our lives so that we can come in contact with authentic teachers and teachings… Remember … THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SATVIC CITY!!!!! When people tell me that they have a satvic place in a city they are usually spiritually delusional.  It is like saying that the reflection in dirty water is the real you…   At the very least spend as much time as possible in nature.  With the given limitations we all face, these websites can be like a picture of a finger pointing at the moon… What we all truly need is a guru who has experience and realization to point the finger at the moon….Still he/she is not the moon is he or she?

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