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 Over the years the most common complaint I have recieved has been the translations to portugese of Ayurvedic texts and  material for the course and website. I have made numerious efforts to have these translations made to benifit the students, public and patients in brasil. It seems that each new group I teach complains louder about the errors in translation. It is interesting because I really dont understand the details of some of the complaints.
Reciently several of the books for the course were Re-translated and I sent them to an independent translator to know if this was a definitive work.  They cam back with the same kinds of complaints about details...(words here or there etc).  All of this is frustrating for me becuse I keep trying to find ways to help the students learn Ayurveda and  the materials should be learned in sanskrit not english to begin with.  If students want to go to India to learn Ayurveda they will not recieve books in Portugese. So what to do?????
I have concluded that the easiest thing to do is to use the Google translator from the internet.
I know it will not be perfect but it seems that perfection is  not avalilable anyway.

If you have questions or sugestions or want to help others  please contact me... I am open to sugestion on this subject. Thank you for your patience.

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