A Praise to the Goddess Sarasvati

The Sweet Sound of Perfect Joy

A Praise to the Goddess Sarasvati


by Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö


Hrih! Daughter of the mind of Brahma

Arisen from the great lake of enjoyment,

With your face as pure and white as the moon—

Goddess Sarasvati, to you I pay homage!


Unending treasury of the secret words of the Vedas,

And the vast collection of the buddhas’ Dharma,

Reaching to the end of the path of deathlessness—

Glorious Lady of Melodies, to you I bow in devotion!


Clasping a ‘tambura’ lute in your hands,

And gently playing it with the tips of your fingers.

To you who captivate the minds of all, both beyond

And still within this worldly realm, I bow!


In reality you are the Perfection of Wisdom herself,

Yet you appear in the form of a goddess,

A wondrous and inconceivable manifestation,

Great Lady who has mastered the ten bhumis, to you I bow!


To all the buddhas who regard you with their love,

And glance at you with their eyes of wisdom,

You offer great cloud-like gifts of blissful union,

To you, the great mother of joy, respectfully I bow!


As you enter the throats and hearts of the intelligent,

In that very instant, they become transformed,

And are made powerful masters of speech—

To you, bestower of supreme intelligence, I offer praise!


Through the blessings of praising you in this way,

May you enter the milky lake of my devoted mind,

And grant me the brilliant light of wisdom,

Complete with the twofold knowledge, I pray!


om pitsu pitsu prajna vargani

dzala dzala medhi vargani

dhiri dhiri buddhi vargani svaha


Recite this and your intelligence will increase.


In response to the requests of Samten Tulku Rinpoche, the nephew of the noble Palpung Situ Rinpoche, given together with the gift of a silken scarf, I, Chökyi Lodrö, also known as Jampal Gawé Gochar, wrote this in the Joyful Grove Delighting the Goddess Sarasvati in Palpung Monastery. Siddhirastu!

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