Massage Oils

Maha Naryan Oil                  (for Pain)                                --V, P, +K                75.00/60ml

Bala Oil                                 Sida cordifolia                         —V. P. ++K           50.00/120ml

Vata Massage Oil                 Seseme Oil with Essential oils

                                               Sandalwood/ Lavander/ Ylang Ylang                      35.00/120ml

Pitta Massage Oil                 Coconut & Grapeseed oil with Essential Oils

                                               Rose/ Sandalwood /Ylang Ylang                              35.00/120ml

Kapha Massage Oil              Mustard Oil & Seseme Oil with Essential Oils

                                               Cedar/ Ylang Ylang / Vacha (Calamus)                   35.00/120ml


See... Medicated Oils for more specific oils used in Pancha Karma and Ayurvedic Message Therapy

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