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Tintures are bottled in 20, 30 and 50 ml sizes. These extracts are concentrated ways to take herbs. They can be added to formulas easily and are convenient to take by themselves. Any of our herbs can be specially ordered as tinctures but bear in mind that not all herbs tincture well and we require three months to prepare special tinctures. Contact Andreia for details.


                   Tintures (Extracts)

Vitex Tinture      Agnos Costa        --P,K,+V      1.00/ml

Nettle Tinture     Urtica urens       --P,K,+V      1.00/ml

Mullen   Tinture   Verbascum thapus   --P.K,+V      1.00/ml

Milk Thistle Tinture                                1.00/ml

Don Quai  Tinture  Angelica sinensis                1.50/ml

Guggul Tinture              Commiphora mukul   -V.K,+P(ex)   1.50/ml

Echinacea Tinture   Echinacea angustifolia —P,K+V   1.00/ml

Sarpagandha Tinture Rawolfia serpentina             3.00/ml

St Johns Wort Tinture Hypeñcum perforatu –V,K,+P        1.00/ml

Shilajit (liquid)  Asphaltum         Tri-Doshic   25.00/50ml

Pao dArco Tinture       Tabehuia avellanedae -P,K+V      1.00/ml

Ginko Biloba Tinture                   -V,P,+K      1.00/ml

Ban-sangi          Crataegus oxyacantha -V,+P,K     1.50/ml

(Hawthorn Tinture)


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