Selection of a Medical Teacher

Selection of a Medical Teacher

            An ideal preceptor is he who is well grounded in scriptures, equip­ped with practical knowledge, wise, skilful, whose prescriptions are infallible, who is pious, who has all the necessary equipments for treatment, who is not deficient in respect of any of the sense organs, who is acquainted with human nature and the rationale of treatment, whose knowledge is not overshadowed by the knowledge of other scriptures, who is free from vanity, envy and anger, who is hard working, who is affectionately disposed towards his disciples and who is capable of expressing his views with clarity. A preceptor pos­sessed of such qualities infuses medical knowledge to a good disciple as the seasonal cloud helps bringing about good crop in a fertile land.

            One should approach such a preceptor and respect him like fire, god, king, father and master with all cares. After having obtained the knowledge of the entire scripture, through his blessings one should strive again and again for achieving depth in scriptures, clarity of expressions, comprehension of the various concepts and power of oration.

Selection of Ayurvedic Medical Student

A person having the following qualities should be chosen as a

Ayurvedic  medical student.

I.          tranquility;

2.         generosity;

3.         aversion to mean acts;

4.         normal condition of eyes, face and nasal ridge;

5.         thin, red and clear tongue;

6.         absence of any morbidity in teeth, lips and voice;

7.         perseverance;

8.         freedom from vanity;

9.         presence of intellect, power of reasoning and memory;

10.       liberal mindedness;

11.       birth in the family of a physician or the one having the dis­position of a physician;

12.       inquisitiveness for truth.

13.       physical perfection;

14.       unimpaired senses;

15.       modesty and absence of ego;

16.       ability to understand the real meaning of things;

17.       absence of irritability;

18.       absence of addictions;

19.       good character, purity, conduct, love for study, enthusiastic and sympathetic disposition;

20.       devotion to study;

21.       uninterrupted taste for the theory and practice of the science;

22.       absence of greed and laziness;

23.       good.will for living beings;

24.       obedience for all the instructions of the preceptor; and

25.       devotion to the preceptor.

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